The Kurt Kraft Fair Taxes Campaign for Duval County Property Appraiser is truly about YOU and all the other hard working tax payers who should be truly concerned about the fair and equitable assessment of property values.

My Fair Taxes campaign commitment, and my promise to you, the voter, is to address any and all inequities in the current appraisal system to ensure a fair and honest evaluation for every last taxpayer.

My name is Kurt Kraft and I am the Fair Taxes candidate for Duval County Property Appraiser.

I have served in a variety of positions at the Duval County Property Appraiser’s Office, including residential appraiser, commercial appraiser, and income producing appraiser. I will stack my credentials up against anyone running for the elected position of Property Appraiser in the community. The current Property Appraiser is Gerald (Jerry) D. Holland. It is public knowledge that Jerry Holland’s goal is to be re-elected as Property Appraiser in 2019.

I, Kurt Kraft, have over 33 years appraisal experience. Jerry Holland will be approaching 4 years as Property Appraiser. Jerry Holland’s public service to Duval County is questionable. Since Jerry Holland has been Property Appraiser, his office has been investigated by U.S. Department of Labor; Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE); City of Jacksonville, Office of Inspector General; City of Jacksonville, Human Rights Commission; and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

This is not the kind of leadership we’re looking for in the Duval County Property Appraiser’s Office. We deserve better. I have spent my career devoted to a fair and honest evaluation of all property for all the citizens of Duval County, and also our business community. Not only for the greater good of our community at large, but also out of a sense of pride in true public service.

The people of Duval County deserve no less. Kurt Kraft will bring to the office of the Property Appraiser’s Office, the following:

  • Fair Assessments = Fair Taxes for YOU!
  • Transparency, honesty, integrity, and fiscal responsibility.
  • Kurt Kraft, will put in 40 hour plus work weeks. Jerry Holland’s personal parking garage card (payroll deducted) print out of electronic entry/exit, when calculated is approximately 24 hours per week average, garage times, for the time span, 10-31-2016 thru 6-23-2017, which is thirty-four block weeks, weekday (M-F) period. The parking garage is connected to the office building that has the Property Appraiser’s Office. The Property Appraiser’s Office has its own fleet of vehicles for official business, no personal vehicles needed. The job of Property Appraiser pays about $153,000 a year.
  • Public records will not be deleted by employees.
  • Proven leadership both corporate and civic.
  • 33 years of appraisal experience with the Duval County Property Appraiser’s Office.
  • Cutting edge technology to provide better service to you.

I will bring this kind of sensitivity to the office of Duval County Property Appraiser as I continue to work on your behalf for the needs of our community. And for the restoration of trust in this critical county position.